The tougher conversations about human behavior.



You know those conversations that we talk about at the bar, behind closed doors, and over texts daily… but no one seems to want to publish? That’s the goal here. Move the conversations that we have privately to a public forum.

We owe this to our foremothers and forefathers.

We owe this to the students of our field.

We owe this to the consumers of our scientific endeavors.

Each month Dimitri and I (RYANO) will sit down to record an Op-Ed style podcast on the tougher conversations that about human behavior. We officially launched the first episode in January of 2019. Listen to the first episode below for the context of the show and learn more about who we are. After that, write in or call in to tell us who you are, what you want to see covered, and any questions we may be able to answer. Expect at least a monthly upload to all of your favorite platforms, full-length video episodes for Patrons of the channel, and follow along through the social channels linked below.

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We cannot do this alone. 

That's where you will come in. ;)

How to Get Involved

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  3. Email us with any ideas, questions, or comments you may have.

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Intended Outcomes

1. A variety of perspectives are heard and further discussion continues in the community - ideally, this is covered thoroughly enough to limit any trolls or hate mail.

2. Emphasis is placed on contributions to solutions, empiricism, science, data and professionalism (if you’re requesting to be on the show, I reserve the right to drop anything from the show that seems to be defamatory, irrelevant, etc. and as a safeguard to listeners - these will be made clear if they occur on the show.)

3. The final product is forever free online and can be used by essentially anyone ever.


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Who We Are

Dimitiri Makridis

I’m a behavior analyst living in Columbus, Ohio. I'm a practitioner-scientist, at least I really try to be. I started out in direct care, as many of you, and have grinded every inch of the way. I have an M.A. from The Chicago School, and I’m working on my Ph.D. right now. I’m pretty simple when it comes to what I think about the field. Basically, we have the power to change anything we want about anyone at any time given the necessary variables and resources. That includes saving the world. Not too out there, right? If you’re reading this, we’re probably on a similar wavelength, or at the least, you get what I’m saying. I’m diving in this experiment to see if I can bring anything to the table and learn as much as I can. My interests are all over the place from anything behavior analysis, philosophy, politics, technology, media, to podcasting, all things guitar, disc golf and reading comic books. In my free time, I read and consume content and information. I’m a novel information stimulation junky! Don’t hesitate to reach out and get some dialogue going I believe and want to work on the mission of building this community! Hit me up on Instagram @explanantoryficiton. As a huge comic nerd, I have a love of origin stories so don’t hesitate to let me know how you got here!

Ryan O’Donnell

Hey, I'm Ryan. I usually go by Ryan O or RYANO. I hail from northern Nevada in the grungy, yet surprisingly classy, (and newly renovated) Reno, Nevada . I like my climate like I like my data: evolving, uncompromising, and progressive. I am a master of science; that is, I have an M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis, however my interests have grown to include many other interests, including entrepreneurship and capturing perspectives and stories through various mediums. These interests and skills have allowed me to work with a lot of great people. I've started three businesses, started numerous active joint venture agreements, a behavioral think-tanka podcast, a professional development movement, helped organizations that support people with Intellectual Disabilities, to list a few. Currently I'm on a "gap" year where I make content for behavioral science enthusiasts and prepare for my next big venture (TBA in 2019). I focus outside this role on building a community of thought leaders and doers to create content that increases the transparency of behavior analytic technologies with the hopes of creating a platform that truly saves the world. My interests are all over, from artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to the theory and philosophy behind Why We Do What We Do ( In my spare time you can find me consuming social media, prepping/climbing a giant mountain, or walking around with my camera in my hand (and, occasionally, all simultaneously). Connect with me personally on most all social platforms via @TheDailyBA and let me know what drives you to pursue the Behavior Analysis vision.