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an alliance for combined action, especially a temporary alliance of political parties forming a government or of states.



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UPDATE: I received a back channel comment from a colleague whom I asked if I could share to correct/clarify their perspective on the process (I removed their identity given it's not an official response on behalf of the org):  

"Hey Ryan, saw your commentary on the coalition and thought you made good points. I want to give you some more info on the social media task force because I know the info on the website is incomplete. I just rotated off of Council, but even if I was still on please know that I canโ€™t speak for council so this is all just me. ABAI task forces typically are used by Council to address acute information gathering needs. So a task force is appointed and given a charge, and after they complete that charge (again, typically information gathering) and report back with recommendations, their service is complete. Task forces are not typically used to run anything in the organization. So the social media task force gathered some info and made some recommendations to Council (btw the recommendations were consistent with what you are saying) and now the task force is no longer active and it is up to council whether and how they implement the recommendations. All of the organizationโ€™s social media is managed by ABAI office employees, with volunteers recruited to write the blogs. I would love to see more of this kind of information (i.e., how things work) made available to the membership in a timely manner, but I saw an opportunity here to share some info with you that might help answer a question so I wanted to reach out. Hope you are doing great. ๐Ÿ™‚"

Thanks (you know who you are!) and hoping we can get some more systems in place for communication as major processes are changed throughout this Coalition. 


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Ryan O'Donnell, MS, BCBA

Ryan O'Donnell, MS, BCBA

Hey, I'm Ryan. I usually go by Ryan O or RYANO. I hail from northern Nevada in the grungy, yet surprisingly classy, (and newly renovated) Reno, Nevada. I like my climate like I like my data: evolving, uncompromising, and progressive. I am a master of science; that is, I have an M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis, however, my interests have grown to include many other interests, including entrepreneurship and capturing perspectives and stories through various mediums. These interests and skills have allowed me to work with a lot of great people. I've started three businesses, started numerous active joint venture agreements, a behavioral think-tanka podcast, a professional development movement, helped organizations that support people with Intellectual Disabilities, to list a few. Currently, I lead product development and distribution for High Sierra Industries as a Learning Systems Development Specialist. I focus outside this role on building a community of thought leaders and doers to create content that increases the transparency of behavior analytic technologies with the hopes of creating a platform that truly saves the world. My interests are all over, from artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to the theory and philosophy behind Why We Do What We Do ( In my spare time you can find me consuming social media, prepping/climbing a giant mountain, or walking around with my camera in my hand (and, occasionally, all simultaneously). Connect with me personally on most all social platforms via @TheDailyBA and let me know what drives you to pursue the Behavior Analysis vision.

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