The Controversial Exchange 

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The Idea


I'm Ryan O.

If you haven't already heard, here's what The Daily BA is all about. Alright, with that, let's get into why you're here.

I'd like to venture into the realm of a weekly podcast covering some of the more difficult conversations that occur in the behavior analysis. This will be called "The Controversial Exchange" and hosted as a product of The Daly BA.


As much as anyone else, I engage in a lot of offline discussion, thinking, "gossip," complaining, etc. Rather than doing this alone or behind closed doors I'd like to test 12-weeks of a weekly episode on virtually anything that you can imagine that may fall within these realms and is both related and current to the field of behavior analysis. After that 12-weeks I'll re-evaluate the whole idea. But there's just one thing: 

I cannot do this alone. 

That's where you will come in. ;)

What To Expect

The format of the show will be along these lines: 

  • A witty - on the verge of click-bait, title mimicking the ideas in Houston We Have A Narrative. This will be related to an immediate & quick "hook" related to the topic of the week that comes from any part of this show that fits the title. 
  • Introduction to the structure of the week (e.g., why the topic, what we'll get into, who's coming on the show, where we'll leave it off for listeners to chime in)
  • Story Arc is the Goal - so I'll record with the co-host a few segments as to the idea of the show. We'll then invite at least one person onto the show in the field that has more expertise or a perceived valuable perspective on the topic (this is loosely based off of things like publication rates, expressed passion for the topic, etc.). We will also open up the topic to anonymous call-ins to allow a variety of perspectives to be on the show. Depending on the volume of these we may not be able to include them all, but promise to listen to each and every one. Each of these segments will be created into a story over time. Note: This isn't something that happens within a weeks' time, the goal is something that is thorough, the goal is to be finished by September 2018. 
  • Once all 12 topics have been recorded and edited for release, then the series will be scheduled for a successive 12-week series hosted on The Daily BA channels. Hopefully launching by October 2018.

As a co-host you only need to have a good microphone ($50 here) and the time to contribute to the story-arc and recording with other guests we invite onto the topic. I'll do the rest of the leg work. As co-host, we will work on the story arc together and I'll do my best to meet you half-way on any of your ideas, input, suggestions, or requests. 

Intended Outcomes

  1. A variety of perspectives are heard - ideally, this is covered thoroughly enough to limit any trolls or hate mail.
  2. Emphasis is placed on contributions to solutions, empiricism, science, data and professionalism (I reserve the right to drop anything from the show that seems to be defamatory, irrelevant, etc. As a safeguard to listeners - these will be made clear if they occur on the show.)
  3. A final product is hosted online, free for the world to listen to any time they want. I'll upload these under a Creative Commons license that requires attribution. Basically you can't rip off the work, but it will be forever free online and can be used by essentially anyone ever.

How This Works

For two weeks I'll have a call for submissions for topics and suggestions. The deadline is July 1st, 2018 at 11:59pm. Once this closes, I will look through each submission and reply back if it's accepted for the first 12 episode running. I'll then work with people to discuss additional people to invite onto the show, we'll draft a story-arc, and we'll figure out a timeline along with a weekly meeting with deadlines and expectations.

What' the Catch?

Hopefully nothing. This is just an idea that I wanted to pursue, so we'll see where it goes! Two related things come to mind:

  1. This is built into the brand of The Daily BA, and as such my commitment to Patrons also pertains to this podcast.
  2. I reserve the right to alter this structure, and I'll make sure to update all of this on publicly the YouTube channel, with first updates for Patreon Supporters. So if you want to know first, it's literally just $1/month Just click below: 

Alright - now that you've done that you can sign up for updates, or you can submit your idea. Or do both, that's cool too! 

Thanks for your time. 



Call for Submissions

We've closed for this pilot season. Stay tuned on our social channels for updates! If you have an idea you'd like to submit feel free to submit it here and I'll be in touch on expected future seasons. (But no promises until the first one is out and data come back!)

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